Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo Memory

The most expensive shoes my mother has ever had, were her wedding white scarpin. She had only 15 rubles (a unit of currency in the U.S.S.R), but shoes cost 35. So, my father had to work extra hours to buy them. He had to go to the military shop far away from city, where he could find goods from other countries. The wedding pair was from Austria and they matched perfectly with dress, designed and sewed by my mom. The heels were damaged after the big day and my mother even cried. My dad (oh, what a man!) repaired and painted them into creamy color. 

After I was born, my dad started his little shoe company. Shoes were not so fancy and elegant, but I remember our home was full of them. I loved to play with shoes more then with my dolls. 

{Only one wedding picture, where a little bit of shoes is seen} 

{My mother was a dancer for a long time}
{My mother and her university girlfriends} 

{Mom's best friend, 1979. The shirt is embroidered with little flowers}

{Dad waiting for a train}

{I know picture is bad quality, but here my mom is holding her favorite ankle boots}